About Us

Arvitex company, which used to be a part of the Russo-Turkish holding company Estagroup under the name Esta, has been on the market for more than 20 years. Established in 1996 as an ordinary distribution company, Arvitex has undergone significant changes in the principles of production and wholesale trade over the past 2 decades.

Nowadays Limited Liability Company Arvitex is a dynamically developing structure, its main principle is a combination of rapid response to changing market conditions (whether it is import substitution or presentation of innovative products) and the highest customer service, based on many years of experience as a reliable logistics partner and a conscientious supplier.


Main Activities of the Company:

  • Production under own brands (Master FRESH household products/household cleaning supplies and Master FRESH Fusion air fresheners, EXXE cosmetics, Fresh Idea and Emily Style wet wipes) and their promotion in Russia and neighboring countries
  • Export of products is carried out in Russia’s neighboring countries
  • Production of goods under private label of federal chains (AUCHAN, O'KEY)

Our mission is to produce and promote everyday products that make our consumers lives easier. Most importantly, we sell them at an affordable price.

The main principle of our work is a comprehensive approach that includes:

  • Taking into account new market trends and manufacturing innovative and up-to-date products
  • The combination of high quality and affordable prices that favorably distinguish our products among various brands
  • Highly developed regional distribution and wide representation in federal chains (AUCHAN, O'KEY, Karusel)
  • Our team of professionals with long experience in the FMCG market and responsible attitude to the main mission of the company ready to quickly and timely implement projects and meet the requests of all customers.